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Husband of the Year & Dad to be of the Year May 28, 2014

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I adore my husband. I am so so sooooo happy I made the right choice to soar through life with. We have fun doing nothing and everything. He has been such an amazing support and hard worker this entire pregnancy. I have no idea what I would have done without him during the past 10 months.

There are a million stories to be told about pregnancy, labor and everything in between. It doesn’t compare to what you go through personally each day because it is so different for every individual. My husband has been nothing but a grounded and solid support for me when I feel like I might lose my mind after letting people get into my head. He helps remind me that the way we choose to parent is going to be our way and we will continue to have fun and be fun and do the things we love and want to do. He provides peace to my chaotic mind. Being emotionally supportive has been huge! I feel like there is so much discussion in how people have these symptoms during pregnancy (cravings/swelling/body changes etc.) but either people don’t feel comfortable talking about the emotional changes or they don’t recognize them as much as I do. Mike has been there to help me sort these feelings and thoughts out to help keep me centered (as much as I can try to be centered).

I haven’t been a gem this entire pregnancy. There are days that we would be driving and I would just start feeling my eyes fill with tears for no real known reason. He calmly and compassionately would place his hand on my leg and give me a little smile. He has made grocery runs for me for bizarre food cravings, he has been so patient with knowing that my decision this morning could be completely opposite within two hours and tries to roll with it. I’ve been doing my best to try to communicate when I know I’m feeling a bit more “hormonal” or “off” than my usual self to at least try to give him a heads up. Sometimes that is helpful and other times I catch both of us off-guard.

He planned an awesome mini-getaway vacation for us to visit Arizona and get some sunshine just the two of us before the babe comes. His focus was to have me relax and enjoy the sunshine. That I did. I was able to get a massage, a pedicure, go on a walk, swim, be in the sun, eat a ton of delicious food and be with my man. Swoon. We decided that we would move into the barn before the baby comes because our landlords were going to sell the house this summer so it just made more senses to us to do it before hand. Once we decided that we would make the move, he worked his buns off to make this happen before the baby came. It turned out beautiful and there was so much thought that he put into making it a comfortable place for us to be. I know that when we go to build our house it will be an easier transition at that point because we won’t have hormonal mama making decisions and no major timeline/deadline to beat. He is a smart man and hired packers/movers for us so that I didn’t have to do much of anything. So worth it. I love this man.

After his full days of work, he will help with dinner or make dinner completely. He will go on a walk and give me countless leg and feet rubs. He has made me breakfast just about every single day of being pregnant. He darkens the room so I can sleep longer and more soundly. He tries to get dressed and shower quietly because he is worried he will wake me up. He works his buns off with his business so I have the time, space and opportunity to have a peaceful pregnancy at my own pace. He happily took pregnancy, birth and infant care classes with me and not only that took them seriously and beat out all the other dad’s in a speed swaddle competition.

He supports my new career and gives me ideas on how to take it to the next level and when to pull back. He has gone to every one of my doctors appointments and reminded me that there is nothing more important to him then me and the baby. He helps me remember things as my memory isn’t as strong as it was 10 months ago. He gets mad at me when I don’t take care of myself, which reminds me he is right and that I need to take it down a notch (I hate taking naps and I hate just resting, so he works hard to help me realize the importance to do so). He encourages me, he always hugs and grabs my hand when I am having an especially emotional day over something I can’t control. He starts the bath for me and makes me tea. He literally will do anything I ask him to do or get what I need as long as I voice it (which can be hard for me to ask for help because I’m stubborn and still want to be able to do things on my own).

Mike provides everything I could ever need for living happily and making sure I have my “ever-after.” He has spent time putting together bookshelves, a desk, the stroller, hanging chandeliers, cleaning, organizing, packing, unpacking, and preparing for our little lady. We have everything we need for our baby to arrive and there is no way that would have happened without him.  He tries as hard as he can to be understanding when my hormones and emotions have gone completely upside-down. He goes on walks with me and rubs my baby belly. Almost every time I wake up in the middle of the night to go pee during this last trimester he wakes up too and says, “are you okay?” He is very in-tune with me, my body and my needs which I am so thankful for.

I can’t help but feel so overwhelmed with love and support when I think about all the selfless things that he does for me and the baby-to-be. He constantly puts me before himself and works so hard to be the best partner he can be. I am excited, nervous, thrilled, joyful, emotional and can’t wait to take this next step in life with you, my handsome-loving husband as we become parents. <3


Pregnancy and Baby Adventures October 2, 2013

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My  husband and I decided to start a family – I will be blogging my way through pregnancy over the next 10 months and will post towards the end or at the end. Stay tuned for things I learn about myself, wild cravings and hormonal shifts I encounter, body changes and surprises as well as all the adventures in between.

Stay tuned for the ins and outs of pregnancy and what it brings!



Change-maker April 30, 2013

I want to be a change-maker. A really bright one. I want to support individuals in the quest for a joyful, fulfilling life. I want to inspire and teach people about the happiness that resides 17b6232c0aff6e00f6b590da71d112cdfrom within. I want to create balance and stillness for myself and allow my inner light to spread contiguously. I want to love whole-heartedly and let my soul dance loudly. I know I am capable of all of this and feel that I’m on the brink of something huge.

As I continue to put together my business plan and dedicate my intentions towards my passion I am faced with decisions to go different directions. I know that each one will lend itself to be a rewarding and bountiful place however I am very good at over-analyzing my options. As my brilliant husband reminds me, “make a decision and deal with the consequences later,” I can find some peace in that, knowing I’m making momentum forward once I make a decisions. I just need to keep being reminded of these small breakthroughs.

My newest read is called, “A Course in Miracles,” and that is exactly what I’m on earth to do. I know I’m not able to create “miracles” per say for someone else but I do know that I can help be a catalyst and change-maker in other’s lives. What I appreciate about this book is it is broken down into small sections for 40 days, perfect for the ADD in me. I am able to focus on the message for the day and in the evening revisit that message and journal how I did. It also requires that I sit still for  a short bit in the morning and in the evening with intention and meditation. Finally! I have been desiring the skill to mediate and be still. Perhaps this will be my catalyst that will help ignite the discipline in myself to do this. That is my goal.

Until I report back with an update from the book and my enlightenment, I will continue to practice staying present, making connection, sharing love and enthusiasm for life and wellness. xo


My dream wedding. That happened. April 1, 2013

All the planning, preparation, stress, lack of sleep, and decision-making was well worth it. It was a perfect day of love. 360 of our closest family & friends were there to celebrate with us. The tv crews were there for the rehearsal as well as the morning of getting ready. I didn’t have any nervousness about marrying Mike or even any though of hesitation. I was ready. So ready I was waiting for the guests to file in for what seemed like forever but at least 30 minutes! AUGH!

The rehearsal set up went well, we had tons of hands on deck and huge help. I couldn’t have done it without all my friends and family making this possible. We had out-of-towners pitching in, carrying chairs, tables, setting up umbrellas, dragging decorations, helping in every way possible. The actual rehearsal was a bit chaotic at first but we got through it, laughing at the fact that our officiant continued to pronounce my name Bri-aunna instead of Bree-anna because she knows me as Bri, so that being the only hiccup we were pretty good. We had rehearsal dinner at the local burger joint – Helvetia Tavern that graciously hosted our party of 35 guests. We gave our families thank-you that included a hanky for my mom that had the words from “I’ll love you forever, I’ll love you for always…” it’s a book my mom cries to every time she reads it. And I had made my dad cufflinks that had a picture of me and him on one and “You were the first man I ever loved” written on the other. I gave my bridesmaids adorable aprons from Anthropology, all different reflecting their personalities and Mike gave his groomsmen personalized BBQ sets which turned out pretty awesome. After the rehearsal dinner we split ways and I had a mini spend over with three of my bridesmaids helping coach me through getting my stuff ready for the next morning and listening to me rehearse my vows. Finally turning my light off around 1:30am, I was ready for my big day.

We started the wedding day out with a Wedding WOD at our local Oregon City CrossFit. That was a lot of fun. We had a few friends join us that are not CrossFitters but they were for a day. The workout is as listed in the picture. Mike wore “Groom” socks and I sported “Bride” socks to celebrate our day. Our friends were awesome, getting their tired buns up early to work out with us at 7am.

Immediately after the workout we went home, showered, ate and jetted off to Roloff Farms to start getting ready. The day went by way too quickly! My hair was perfect, my make up was perfect and I was ready to get dressed. Jill did an amazing job with my hair & make up, making me feel very bridal and beautiful. I couldn’t wait to see Mike. My dad came to practice our dance with me after he had been busting his buns to finish set up with Molli our event coordinator from Soiree. My dad is SO awesome, and his dance moves are stellar. My mom and I shared a mini dance jig while getting ready to ease some of the stress until she started to tear up then we quickly moved on to keep our make up ready for the day! :) There were chickens inside one of the stairwells where the girls were getting ready – planned or unplanned we’ll never know but the TV crew was sure to catch it on camera.  My ladies looked amazing, belles of the ball. I gave them all different pearl earrings made from Gilt Jewelry which looked beautiful. We were all ready and waiting and I started pacing. I was practicing my vows and continued to get choked up at the same place. Wasn’t sure how it was going to play out during the ceremony. Finally we get word that it’s time to load up in the “mules” which are basically a large-sized motorized golf cart. My bridesmaids go first then they come back and get me.

As I walk into the barn, the opposite doors are closed, I wait with my dad I peaked out the barn doors watching our bridal party walk down the aisle. I watched Dylan go by himself which was so funny because he was supposed to take two girls down the aisle. So then I was curious to see how it would play out since that wasn’t how it was rehearsed. I started to feel overwhelmed with emotion, I was SO ready to go, why couldn’t I go already! Haley did an amazing job singing. I was ready to walk with my dad and see Mike. At this point we were delayed waiting on the tv crews to get it together so I could go. It took everything I had to not just go already. Finally once we got the word, my brothers opened the barn doors and away we went. I could see everyone, dressed lovely and standing but then it quickly became a blur once I was able to see Mike. I was so excited and he was full of joyful tears. Once we got to the end of the aisle, I hugged my mom and my dad and my dad handed my hand to Mike.

As the ceremony began, I noticed the groomsmen wearing sunglasses and was confused why they would wear sunglasses standing up in front of everyone, but had to remind myself to focus. It was a sunny beautiful day and as Julie, our officiant was conducting the ceremony, it started to sprinkle and then some more. As my Uncle Pat started his reading the rain began to fall more heavily upon our heads. We had our families and bridal party write notes for us as we filled our love-box and plan to open it on our 10-year Anniversary. Although it was a nice cool off at the moment, all I could think about was, “please be temporary good-luck wedding rain.” I just wanted it to come and move on because I surely didn’t have a tent lined up and we were not going to be able to go into the barn for the rehearsal with that many people! Luckily it lightened up as we said our vows to one another and I got through my confidently full of delight. Mike on the other hand was a bit teary but it was beautiful. He had such amazing things to say and funny too. The ceremony was perfect and finally the first official husband & wife kiss! Whoohoo.

We tried for a big group picture that was a bit chaotic and then family pictures after that. The day felt like it flew by when it was time to see people and visit but felt like forever when it was taking time out to be interviewed or to take pictures. I’m sure a lot of brides would say that because you don’t want to be missing out on anything. Or it could be just me, since I have issues with fear of missing out (FOMO as my friends call the syndrome).

The day was filled with family and friends we love and care about. Looking back I wish everyone we knew could have been there to celebrate but I was so overly-consumed with the guest list being at 360+ already I was giving myself mini-heart attacks. The music played and we danced. We performed a mob dance for Mike and he was surprised, just like we wanted! My cousin Molly arranged to have a choreographer put it together for a wedding gift and we had amazing friends and family who stepped up to the plate to help make it happen. My cousins Meagan and Kaylee got Mike to the dance floor and started the dance. It was awesome! Video is posted below. My first dance was perfect, I wanted it to last all night. Mike twirled me, just as I had dreamed of when I was a little girl. My dad and I had practiced a montage of dances and it went off without a hitch. Well, actually, the hitch was that my dress would not stay bustled and so I was tripping over that but other than that minor detail it was awesome. My dad nailed it and I messed up a few times but whatever, we killed it. ha ha. The sky was perfect, a mix of blue sky with these awesome puffy white clouds that as the sun was setting – it made for the raddest pictures!

Dinner was tasty and the cake was a hit! It was beautiful and enormous! Christi and Writghtberry’s did a wonderful job of putting it together. What a production! It had our name on it, the dog and cat, a medicine ball, wine and a few other sweet details. We were given a brand from the Roloff’s which Mike knew about but was pretty cool because it was a surprise to me. Mike, being the sneaky sir that he is, had wine barrels that he got from Stoller and made them into chairs and a table for me as a wedding gift. They are awesome. So many beautiful details into the day made it so us and so special.

Our bridal party did a great job representing us and sharing in the celebration. They made us so so happy. All of the toasts given were special and so personal. I can’t wait to see them on our videographers video because I’d love to listen to them again. What a joyful fun day! We toasted all together and everyone did a tequila shot to celebrate. Little did we know there was some extra tequila left over and shots continued to be handed out – not exactly the plan! But it made for lots of dancing.

I had so much fun that I lost my beautiful earring! I was whisked away on piggy-back on my handsome new husband’s back into our get away car! It was a magical and fun day that I’ll never forget. Thank you to all who helped make it so amazing and to my incredible loving and supportive parents for giving me the wedding of my dreams and to my beautiful, loving new husband, I’ll love you forever. xo


30+ Days of Whole30 March 15, 2013

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After Superbowl Sunday Mike and I ventured to eat without sugar, any extra additives, alcohol, gluten, dairy, wheat/grains and well, I think that covers it. We embarked upon the journey together which made it easy to support one another when a craving kicked in. I knew that I didn’t want to let myself down and I didn’t want to let Mike down by “cheating” on our Whole30 together. Whole30 is basically sticking to “whole” foods, nothing processed, everything that you can grow/hunt/pick. I will say it wasn’t as hard as it sounds initially. I cooked up a few amazing new dishes and am excited about incorporating those into our everyday living.

A few things I learned and noticed upon our 30 day adventure are as follows:
1. Your nails grow very quickly when you are giving your body the proper and essential vitamins and nutrients it deserves
2. Sugar is in everything. Seriously! Spices, hot sauces, salsa etc. Little jerk.
3. Waking up every weekend without a headache from the night before feels amazing :-)
4. I realized I’m very sensitive to almonds and my face will expose to the world the fact that I ate them.
5. Reducing inflammation is important for your body to function and work at it’s best.
6. That I’m a very good cook.
7. That I can make a “healthy faux milkshake” out of coconut, cocoa powder, spinach, couple of dates and it’s amazing.

I am sad that I didn’t get to test out my strength after completing the Whole30 due to finding out that I have bulged disks in my back but hopefully in time I’ll be back on track to making some PR’s and feeling stronger again.


Alpaca Love March 5, 2013

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How do you not love that face!?!?!

How do you not love that face!?!?!

Alpacas are adorable. They are tall and fuzzy and make me happy to look at them. They are awkward and loving and I want one!

Here are some fun facts about Alpacas:
1. Save the date people, National Alpaca Farm Days is September 28-29th this year! Yes! Details here
2. Alpacas were exported from Peru in the mid-1980’s. I was born in 1981, so no wonder I love them.
3. The hair on an alpaca is actually called a “fleece” or even a “fiber” instead of fur
4. The Huacaya (‘wah-KI-ya’) – dense, crimped, wooly, water-resistant fleece. About 90% of all alpacas in N America are these “teddy-bear” huacayas. This is the kind I want. A fat brown one.
5. The Suri (‘SUR-ree’) – very fine and lustrous fiber which grows parallel to the body in long, separate locks. Only 10% of the alpaca population in the US are suris.
6. Alpaca fleece has no lanolin which makes it easy to process and is hypoallergenic
7. Alpacas live about 20-25 years. Now my husband told me I could get an Alpaca if our second dog is another Bull Mastiff instead of a Newfoundland, but I’m thinking he may retract that thought after knowing we will have our handsome Alpaca for 25 years!
8. They have three stomachs and are herbivores. Three stomachs! That is awesome!
9. Alpacas tend to spit mostly at one another and especially if a female has ‘disinterest’ in the male. Llamas do more spitting than Alpacas, this is a common misconception of Alpacas.
10. They are usually 34-36″ standing at the withers (shoulders) and around 125-175lbs, smaller than Llamas (42-48″)
11. A baby Alpaca is called a “cria” and on average is about 18lbs. The cria is weened around 6 months.
12. Alpacas are gentle and can even travel nicely in your mini van!!! 

I would like to celebrate Alpaca Farm weekend with anyone interested, perhaps some wine tasting in Yamhill then off to McMinnville or Sherwood to visit the local Alpaca Farm and pet our fuzzy, fibrous friends! :)

And on a final note, I wasn’t making this up about the minivan part either. :)


Look at those beautiful furry ankles!


Two buddies cruising down the road in a minivan.


And then there were four buddies cruising down the road in a minivan. Does this mean I’ll have to actually have to get a minivan?!?


All set!


A Quick Weekend Full of Inspiration January 25, 2013

images-1I love CrossFit. Where do I even begin? It is a place that helps build integrity and character in individuals that are willing to be open. It is a community that supports one another not only in the gym but out of the gym as well. It is full of like-minded, strong, healthy individuals that I get to call my friends. It’s a place that I almost have out-of-body experiences where I do things I didn’t realize I was capable of and push myself to a higher level. I even was lucky enough to find the man of my dreams at CrossFit (swoon). :)

After spending a weekend in Bend at the Winter CrossFit Competition with a some fellow CFOCers and bumping into some more rad friends from other CrossFits it confirmed once again that I am in the right place for me. I realize CF isn’t for everyone but I would bet that if money wasn’t an issue, as well as fear being the second reason a lot more people would give it a go. So many people can benefit from it in so many different ways! Seriously.

The weekend was full of admiration and inspiration. As I watched the competitors rock their specific WOD’s I had a sense of nervousness for them as I know how I feel right before engaging in a new workout; a little bit of jitters combined with a strategic plan of action and a side of let’s-hurry-the-heck-up before I have to pee again! Almost all the movements being preformed were movements that I am capable of , which builds some self-confidence for me in addition to building the drive and desire within myself. I want to do that too! I want to test myself to try harder and be that competitor. I have interest and yearn for the opportunity to better myself and strive for greatness. Those competitors are badass (especially all of our CFOC athletes)!

Having been inspired and now having a greater desire to compete in the Bend games, I need to put together an action plan. I know I have a team of friends and family that support me, which is huge. I am writing this to put it out there to the world to be held accountable for my training, life habits and food choices. I’ll only become stronger and a better version of myself if everyone knows my goal. Mike will be able to help hold me accountable for my training and eating, both are major parts of improving my game. I’ll need to set up a more serious training plan moving forward and utilize my OC Coaches as well as some other coaches I’ve worked with and look up to. Once the training schedule is set in place, I’ll need to dive in whole-heartedly and not look back. I believe that this goal will compliment my year’s journey towards becoming the luminous, whole and determined Health & Wellness Coach I plan to be by the end of the year. Bring it on Bend!


Big A & Big G before kickin’ some CrossFit booty


Few of my strong, beautiful sister-friends


The CFOC gang!


My main squeeze <3


Rick showing the bar who’s boss


Mister Sykes rockin’ his WOD


Beast mode Greyson!


Dre working it


Strongman Yeti Bowlby practically skipping backwards




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