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NommNomm Cravings & Body Changes July 2, 2015

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You always hear about wild cravings women have when they are preggo but everyone is different. From all my reading, it is very common again to have these cravings throughout pregnancy. I’m very familiar with what my normal hormone cravings are but this could be a whole new game. It will be fun to see what I’m really craving verses what just sounds good.

Week 4: fish, tuna, sweet potato chips, chicken broth
Body Changes: Boobs already growing and super tender, face is super oily. Anxious about work outs. Lots of dreams.

Week 5: mochas, brownies, sauerkraut, beef, chicken broth
Dislikes – sweet potato in breakfast, coffee black,

Week 6: pepperoni slices, pepperoni pizza, fried eggs, bacon, ahi, tunafish
Dislikes – chicken, salad
Body Changes: Boobs are still growing and extremely sore and tender! Less energy, super anxiety when it comes to working out.

Week 7: costco chocolate muffin, cheese, chocolate milk, oatmeal
Dislikes – plain chicken, tuna, sauerkraut
Body Changes: Weight gain in my thighs, peeing all the time, less energy

Week 8: cottage cheese, chocolate milk, burrito
Dislikes –  plain chicken, beef, onions
Body Changes: Super angry feeling, sad, anxious

Week 9: soup, doughnuts, peanut butter & jelly sandwich, egg salad
Dislikes – plain meat, raw vegetables (except carrots), plain hot coffee in the morning
Body Changes: Needing more sleep

Week 10: butter, sour dough, Burgerville Fish & Chips (halibut), doughnuts, olives, pickles
Dislikes – plain meat, raw vegetables, too sugary things
*I gave into my doughnut and halibut craving this week. They were both really good and then as usual my taste buds moved on. Additionally, I crushed a can of black olives within two days.
Body Changes: I hope my boobs don’t grow too much more. Seriously. They are full and perky though. Still feeling anger feelings

Week 11: butter, sour dough, pomegranate juice with sparkling water
Dislikes: raw vegetables, avocado
*I have been loving the taste of sour dough bread with butter. A ton of butter! SOOOO good holycow.

Week 12: doughnuts (I’m even dreaming about them! VooDoo!), butter, cheese, breakfast sausage, salty things, mac and cheese
Dislikes: the smell of raw meat before it’s cooked, avocado
Body changes: My skin has cleared up and is looking pretty good, nails growing like crazy

Week 13: popcorn, butter, more regular foods this week
Dislikes: plain beef, plain vegetables, home-made mexican ground beef

Week 14: popcorn with butter, wheaties with 2% milk (I actually sent Mike on his first craving run at 10pm for cereal, WTH!)
Dislikes: cheese at night, the smell of Mexican food (or the idea of the smell of it)
Body changes: Getting bloody noses and stuffed up in the mornings, this has been happening all day too. Still feeling angry but less often. Wanting to just be home and not at crowded places. Nesting has begun.

Week 15: double chocolate chip cookies, peaches, oranges, orange juice
Dislikes: the smell of meat, chicken plain
Body changes: Energy a little better, working out feeling good again

Week 16: bloody mary, pancakes, hot cooked green veggies: asparagus, kale, hot chocolate, peppermint & chocolate
Dislikes: plain meat, lunch food

Week 17: oranges, burgers, salty foods
Dislikes: heavy dairy in the morning

Week 18: oranges, orange juice, sour dough bread and butter, kombucha, bacon
Dislikes: the smell of chicken uncooked, cheap chocolate

Week 19: peanut butter & jelly sandwich, 2% milk, olives, iced tea
Dislikes: plain chicken breast, cold leftovers
Body Changes: Energy is picking up, stuffy nose is subsiding a little bit, peeing all the time still

Week 20: peanut butter & jelly sandwich, orange juice, sourdough bread with butter & jam, asparagus, olives, kombucha, mint ice cream
Dislikes: boring hamburgers, heavy dairy in the evening or in my breakfast, cold left overs, cold scrambled eggs, Mexican
Body Changes: Feeling good this week, energy is in full swing, feeling less crazy, more winded working out

Week 21: oranges, peanut butter, cold 2% milk, oatmeal, burgers, soup, green smoothies
Dislikes: cold meats, cold eggs/scrambled eggs, raw veggies
Body changes: feeling pretty good still, peeing at night, back aches, my stomach is definitely getting bigger, bloody noses are getting better

Week 22: cold milk, sourdough bread with butter, banana with peanut butter
Dislikes: Mexican food
Body changes: My back is killing me at nights still. Stomach getting bigger and still firm but not huge. Bloody nose is back. I think my boobs are even bigger. Augh!

Week 23: cold milk, sourdough & butter, oranges, chard, asparagus, peanut butter & jelly sandwich
Dislikes: cold meats, Mexican, coffee,
Body changes: Back is still killing me, I feel like I’m going through a growth spurt with the baby. Bloody nose still and extra stuffy again. Emotional roller-coaster is back. Even cried in prenatal yoga.

Week 24: pork chops, dark green vegetables, pumpkin pancakes & butter, cheeseburger, chips or something crunchy
Dislikes: cold meats, really sweet things like mocha/coffees
Body changes: Back still aches & my rib hurts on the left side in the front and the back. She may be standing up and pushing on something. Lil’ weasel. :) Nose is a little better, energy is okay and mostly carrying stress & tension in my shoulders.

Week 25: key lime pie, pumpkin pancakes & butter (had both = AMAZEBALLS), dairy in the afternoon – cottage cheese!
Dislikes: meat at lunch time, cold meats, plain vegetables 
Body changes: I think my body is expanding and growing a bit each day. My back starts to ache because I think my abs are stretching out to make room for the baby. I definitely can see a baby pouch! Tried on dresses for Cayties wedding – my boobs are enormous! Holycow. This was a reality check for me. After being told I don’t look pregnant I definitely look large in these dresses. Eeeks

Week 26: I’ve been wanting things like oatmeal & cottage cheese for lunch, meat at lunch just doesn’t sound good.
Dislikes:  Lunch. I just don’t love lunch right now. It’s boring and the only kinds of things that sound good are hot cereals, and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. 
Body changes: Confirmed that my ribs and upper body is expanding. Holycow that is so strange and painful! Feeling weaker in my workouts because of the weight gain and just not being able to do as much but that’s how it goes for right now. My nails continue to grow so rapidly! My hair has gotten a bit curlier too. Time to get personal too – so my vagina feels like it is swelling and pulsing in the evenings, what the heck! Sometimes during the day but majority of time at night.
2.26.14 Today I looked down at my belly and saw it moving! WHOA! I knew this would happen but it was so strange. Fun but strange. I’m sure it will continue to seem more and more alien like as the baby grows.

Week 27: Tea, orange juice/pineapple and fruit, hot cereal for lunch, burritos, I really want summer sausage
Dislikes: plain vegetables
Body changes: Baby is moving and moving. Feel like I’ve gained a bit more weight in my thighs and arms. Barf but oh well. My legs seem to swell a bit if I don’t kick them up during the day. Mike has been great about rubbing them at night though. My rib is still an issue between 7-7:30pm. She starts to be super active around 9:30-10pm at night and kicking and dancing like crazy. All in all things are going well. Dreams are weird and having some separation feelings or feeling neglected but all in all good.

Third Trimester!
Week 28: dark chocolate, peanut butter & jelly sandwich, not to make food, pizza, popcorn with butter homemade, chocolate milk
Dislikes: Super salty foods, plain vegetables, 
Body changes: The belly is growing! :) My legs have started to feel like they get swollen if I stand too long. My vag aches if I stand or do too much on my feet for long periods of time. However, I did successfully run 1 mile in 10:31 as a part of “Murph” workout and celebrating my third trimester! Felt awesome!!

Week 29: Peanut butter & jelly on toast, warm food, brownies, popcorn, kale, kombucha
Dislikes: Mexican, I gave in last week and felt awfullllll afterwards!
Body changes: I have some major veins growing in my upper right thigh/hip area. Not cute and somewhat painful. But the doctor said they are just a side effect and I could ice them. Heat will aggregate them but to keep exercising. Major indigestion which is not my favorite. All in all feeling pretty rockin’ still. Back squatted 85lbs today and that felt good. I passed my gestational diabetes test and didn’t gain any weight over the past month, so I suppose that means I cleaned up my eating a little and the baby gained but I lost. That works for me. 11 weeks to go!!!!

My hips are starting to ache a bit more too, like the ligaments. I went to prenatal yoga and I felt good but not great afterwards. Definitely makes me realize how tight my body is right now. But then again I did just overhead squat the day before with 65lb soooo that could be part of it too. My face still hasn’t really gained weight which is nice and mostly just in my thighs and flutes and boobs and belly. Well I notice it my arms too.

I’ve also noticed that with my consumption of dairy, it is making my ear plugged a lot more often. So obnoxious. So I’ll be cutting back on that. I’ve given up coffee for lent which I think will be helpful for indigestion. Same with cutting back on salsas and spicy things.

I can still cut my toe nails, tie my shoes and bend over (most of the time). Big accomplishments to celebrate!

Week 30: Juice, cold things, salads, burgers, kale, oranges and orange juice
Dislikes: Mexican 
Body changes: my hips just ache a bit and feel like I can’t sit with my legs closed. Sleeping with the body pillow is very helpful. My neck has been pretty tight too. Jumping is now out of the equation when it comes to workouts. I tried jumping pull ups and nope, that is not happening now. Just felt jarring in my hip area.

Week 31: Cold things (juice, iced drinks), cold chocolate milk
Dislikes: Mexican, spicy foods
Body changes: My veins are still getting bigger, belly is getting bigger and feeling more tired. All gradual and all in all feel good

Week 32: Cold water, cold iced tea, cold anything to drink, juice
Dislikes: Peppers, spicy foods, Mexican 
Body changes: I almost feel like my ribs moved back in a little tiny bit, not sure if it will stay or not but maybe. Muscle tightness but overall feeling great.

Week 33: cold drinks, iced coffee, vegetables, cool foods, fruit, orange juice
Dislikes: Mexican, tomato type dishes, really heavy dishes 
Body changes: Growing mostly. My hips are feeling irritated a lot if I sit to long. My veins are enormous and painful but that’s how it goes for now. Skin is looking good. Appetite is here and there, I feel hungry but my stomach is feeling smashed so I can’t eat as much. And I get heart burn if I eat too much in one sitting. Being able to have a normal bowel movement is challenging too – with the baby compression against my colon it doesn’t feel so good.

Week 34: iced cold water, tea, cool fruits, sugar, I’m finding that if I go overboard with spice then I want something sugary or if I have something hot I want some thing cold. Very ying/yang going on
Dislikes: Spice overboard, peppers, tomatoey type foods, greasy foods 
Body changes: Continuing to feel like I’m growing. She’ll have major growth spurts and my body feels like it’s being stretched! My veins are still an ongoing issue and indigestion sucks! But maybe she is growing hair.

Week 35: Iced cold water. Fruit. My mom’s egg salad (this occurred first trimester also)
Dislikes: Anything that sets off indigestion. Ugh! 
Body changes: I think I’m noticing some of the extra blood swelling happening. Especially in my legs and torso. I’ve gotten used to how giant my boobs have gotten until I see pictures and then I think holycow, those things are enormous! Getting tired earlier where I just want to be home and not in crowded places. Less stamina for long workouts or really long walks. I have also noticed that there are times of the day I feel struck by emotion and feel like I could start crying for no specific reason. For example, we were talking about life insurance and I started crying. I started crying thinking about my Grandma and hoping I’ll be as good of a mom as she was and as my mom is. Seeing two elders loving each other in church, I get tears in my eyes. I think I’m just bursting with love and anticipation. :) My bloody noses have finally stopped. Sleep is here and there, yesterday I was wide awake at 4am after a sketchy night sleep and had energy all day long, then I slept through the night! Hooray me!

Week 36: craving cold things like iced water with cucumber or mint, juicy cold fruits. I’m off sugar this month, so far so good!
Dislikes: still certain meats are dis pleasurable 
Body changes: Lots of baby movement still, starting to get more uncomfortable as she grows. I can’t quite bend over like I used to and putting on and taking off shoes and socks is challenging. I have to hoist my leg up on something or have Mike do it.

Last night I woke up to the baby having hiccups and then I started having hiccups at the same time in the middle of the night. Very strange to share hiccups with someone inside you! :) But special at the same time

Week 37: More cold drinks! Seems like I’m wanting carb type foods again – popcorn, oatmeal, sweet potato pancakes. Hmmm? Gave up sugar for May and haven’t craved “desserts” really so maybe this is in replacement, I can’t tell. Kale salad, egg salad
Dislikes: lunch
Body changes: Somedays I feel like my ribs are going back in a little bit but then other days I don’t. My veins are still and issue and my SI joints are pretty bad some days, they like to lock up and not let me move for a short period of time. Other than that, still feeling pretty good. Sleep is 2-3 hour stints right now. Heartburn is still in full effect.

Week 38: Cold drinks, cold foods, salads, mom’s egg salad
Dislikes: Overly spicy things, red things (peppers, tomatoes etc.)
Body changes: My feet are starting to ache and my calfs are achy too. I don’t feel too swollen in my body but I am noticing a little bit of swelling in my face. The belly and baby are growing. My hips and adductors seem to be achy and like I want to pop them if I am able to. Peeing a lot still. Feels like she will throw here hand/arm down the birth canal to give it a quick check, awkward.

Week 39: (I can’t believe we are at week 39!!!) Cheeseburgers, hot dog, cold fruit, cold drinks with ice (iced tea, iced water, iced lemonade, iced cucumber/strawberry water)
Dislikes: Spicy things
Body changes:

Week 40: kale/brussels sprouts/cabbage salad, ICE cold water, lemonade, Christy’s moms guacamole, milkshakes, beer, cereal
Dislikes: lunch, cold meat
Body changes: feeling a little swollen in my feet and hands towards the ends of the day, I can tell my face has puffed up some as well as just feelings soft from loosing some muscle because I can’t lift like I was. Heartburn has been quite awful when it happens in the middle of the night, I wake up with it in my mouth, it is SO disgusting. I’ve cried everyday over something silly or hormonal for a week now. I try not to use the “hormonal card” but in this case, that is what is happening. Some days I have awesome energy others I’m zapped. Some days I feel super my old-me happy, easy going and ready to have fun and other days I feel like I’m going to lose it over things I have no control over and start going nutty.

Week 41: cold foods, lemonade, kombucha, carb type foods for lunch, Thai food
Dislike: plain vegetables, making food
Body changes: My right ankle is definitely swelling and it goes up my leg. My legs in general feel swollen and I’m looking forward to wearing shorts soon…but I have to just wait. I’d like to lift but the pressure overhead to my core/pelvic is not ideal. My bag veins are still an issue but seems to be a little better some days. It really depends on where the baby is laying in my belly. She also will scoot and cause a lot of pain for my hip. It locked up last week which was very painful and stressful. Heartburn/indigestion is still at a high and it doesn’t matter what I eat/when I eat or how much I eat it happens. Some days I’ve had huge appetite and others still very small. Walking is somewhat painful/tight in my lower abdomen and pelvic area. I feel like she dropped last week and can tell her head sits very low. Sleep continues to be 2 hour stretches and when I’m lucky 4 hour stretches, but that is really lucky. I’m still wearing my wedding ring and very happy about that! :)


Celebrating One Year of Life

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IMG_6439 IMG_6445 IMG_6480Our sweet baby girl reached 12 months of being an earth angel. We are so happy and feel so lucky to have our adoring baby girl in our life for a full year now. As I think about all the things we’ve done in the past 12 months I can’t help but smile. Giving birth was probably one of the most intense, awesome experiences of my life. I would do it all over again. McKenna has grown so quickly, she is laughing, babbling, walking, carrying things as she walks, hugging, waving, and the learning never stops.

Mike and I have grown together, learning how to communicate more effectively and how to ask for what we need from one another. We are still a little tired but the sleep deprivations is worth it. Living in the barn has been fun and sharing a room with McKenna has also been a learning experience where it will be nice that our new house has separate rooms, I already know that I’ll go through some separation feelings but like anything, it will be a new adjustment.

Some of our highlights include traveling to the beach, Bend, Montana, visiting friends & family. We have also loved watching her grow sitting up, rolling over, crawling with a “peg” leg, standing & pulling herself up, watching her babble and laugh, and then take off into full quick walking. Being able to watch her interpret the world in her own way has been so fascinating, she loves animals and kids and has a specific high pitch voice when it comes to seeing them. She is interested in petting and loving animals. Taking her for walks and visiting places is always a joy (well 99.9 percent of the time) and I often have people stop me telling me how beautiful or cute or happy she is. I feel so honored and blessed in so many ways to be her mama.

My least favorite thing so far has been teething. Those darn teeth coming in are brutal and cause her so much pain. It is a helpless feeling and makes me so sad that she has to go through that pain to have her teeth pop through. Earlier on in babyhood I’d say the hardest part was her gas and knowing she had gas pains and trying to relieve her of that pain was so sad to watch.

My favorite thing about being a rookie mama is definitely the feeling that life’s meaning has become so much richer and more grand than I ever anticipated. I have always been thankful and grateful for life but creating, growing and birthing a human is unreal. Then having the opportunity to watch her grow is also beautiful and unbelievable. There are moments when I feel exhausted and tested but I often feel like I’m able to learn a lesson by the next day with a clear set of eyes.

I’m also very thankful for supportive family and friends to help us out and allow Mike and I to have a date night here and there. I have had to get used to the fact that it’s okay to be away from her and that I know she is in good hands, I have to reconnect with myself and Mike to continue to be a good human, mother and wife.

I know this next year is going to go by just as fast! I’m excited to watch all the growth and change that will continue to take place in front of us. I am also looking forward to knowing what it will be like to be pregnant and have a little lady running around at my feet.

Over the past month McKenna has really picked up her walking speed and wanting to carry things while she walks. She is interested in climbing, dancing, pushing, pulling and checking out the world. She enjoys getting into boxes, books and toys. She has 4 teeth and two more on the way causing havoc. She likes to wave and gets excited seeing the animals and Mike when he gets home. She is napping twice a day still and enjoys eating lots of foods and is drinking more water. She is a joy and delight and makes my heart full.


Pre Baby Jeans June 17, 2015

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Oh yeah. It’s been 6 months and I’m wearing my old favorite jeans. I haven’t been working out a super ton but I have been trying to eat healthy and walk and do my best nursing. I work out when I can which is about 3-4 days a week right now and can’t wait until its more like 5 but I’m practicing my patience.

My body is not however back to pre baby nor do I think it will be any time soon. My stomach is still squishy feeling and my low back is still an issue that I’m trying to resolve with the doctors. I’ve been feeling rather tired and had blood work done to check things out and my thyroid is slightly to be blamed as well as I need to be eating more to keep my blood sugar more regular. So I’ve got my homework set up for me and I’m set to make things better.


Eating and Moving May 16, 2015

The little lady is on the move! She wants so badly to stand up and she is really starting to get the hang of crawling. She has figured out to put one hand in front of the other. Her legs are still be sorted out she has a half knee and have foot push off. She is really entertained by the sound of plastic crinkle noises and figured out how to open and close her toy phone and a box lid. She is using her thumb and pointer finger to grab things. She likes to find things to climb on and try to pull herself up and balance.

She is eating more and seems to enjoy eating foods. She makes a mouth eating motion when she is hungry for foods. Right now I’m feeding her twice a day but I think it will increase soon.

She is sometimes waking herself up in the night because she will roll over and startle herself. She is getting very smart and I can now see a frustrated baby face and sounds when she can’t get the hang of something immediately. This could be like her father or mother! Eeeks


7 Months of Love

IMG_9262 IMG_9264 IMG_9268 IMG_9272 IMG_9283 IMG_9310 IMG_9315 IMG_9336 IMG_9350 IMG_9362 IMG_9377 IMG_9385 IMG_9388 IMG_9393 IMG_9397 IMG_9408 IMG_9416 IMG_9419 IMG_9427 IMG_9433 IMG_9435 IMG_9446 IMG_9452 IMG_9459 IMG_9476 IMG_9505 IMG_9509 IMG_9523 IMG_9551 IMG_9569 IMG_9586 IMG_9587 IMG_9592 IMG_9593 IMG_9601 IMG_9647 IMG_9621 IMG_9625 IMG_9636 IMG_9638 IMG_9662 IMG_9663 IMG_9667 IMG_9676 IMG_9680 IMG_9682Our sweet angel babe is 7 months old. She is such a joy in our life and everyday doing something new and funny. She is crawling and sometimes will be really efficient about it using both knees but other times she will push-off with her foot and use the opposite knee. She is grabbing onto objects and pulling herself up to a standing position and with such determination standing as often as possible.

She laughs when she is tickled and the most random things will make her laugh without being tickled…like the dog or a funny noise. She is playful and happy. She is enjoying exploring the house; cords, boxes, magazines, paper, bags, plastic, the animals…you name it and she wants to check it out.

She is eating solids twice a day and likes most things she tries with the exception of peach, applesauce, and carrots. She gets annoyed if she has to sit in her high char too long and will let you know immediately. She knows how to stand in her play pin and we are practicing crying it out for naps and bed to get her used to getting herself to sleep. When she is tired she is starting to put her head down and is sleeping on her belly much more often than her back.

I’m often asked if people can look at my baby and I’m told that she is beautiful. She smiles and is chatty. She has squeals and growls that are both entertaining. Her eyes are blue and her hair looks light brown/red. She is such a sweet little babe. I can already tell she is going to be determined, independent, curious like Mike and tender-hearted as she often seems to be sympathetic to other babies noises and cries.

She loves jumping and hearing peek-a-boo and will laugh at that. I find her entertaining and busy which reminds me that I can’t always get my to-do list accomplished…let alone a small task on it. I sure love this little sugar bean. xo


8 Months of Love

My little lady is growing and growing! Oh man, strangers, family and friends all warn you that it goes so quickly and it does! I can’t believe just 8 months ago I was pregnant and I keep thinking of how life has changed and how much fun a sweet angel baby is!

McKenna is learning and exploring and a daredevil. She wants to learn about everything. She recently started crawling/climbing over things. She is also using a lot more surfaces to stand up – like the wall or cupboard. Flat surfaces that are more challenging. She is a wizard! And tries to crawl through small spaces and get through areas she really can’t fit. Ninja babe. She is also using the cat or other babies to try to stand up, while they are the object. That one doesn’t always go so well!

She has two bottom teeth and I’m sure her top ones will be coming in at any time. She has recently started sleeping through the night this week and has been taking very long naps which is awesome for me! So productive during that time. She is babbling and squeals at the animals which is so cute. She loves rubbing her feet on the floor and exploring her toys, books, pulling books out of the shelf, standing on her rocking chair and rocking it and she likes to push her walker. Very entertaining.

I was at a friend’s house and she climbed up their stairs, they are shallower than usual stairs but she climbed them like a champ. She chews on everything and likes to tear apart magazines. She likes the sound and chewing on it. She is eating more often with solid foods. She has now tried zucchini, more squashes, peas, oatmeal,  peaches. She is enjoying it and makes funny faces when she is not impressed. She doesn’t like to nap or eat when there are a lot of things going on around.

She is sweet, joyful, curious and funny.


9 Months of Sweet Love


My little love bug is growing and chatting and moving! She loves to pull herself to standing to reach for things. She will reach on her tip toes and pull things down. She is exploring every corner of the house. She loves laughing and smiling.

She has four teeth now and is eating all sorts of food. Her favorites are still sweet potatoes and bananas. She has tried chicken, zucchini, yogurt, peaches, pears, carrots, avocados, green beans, peas (super dislike), egg yolk, kiwi to name a few. She is discovering her tongue and sticking it out as well as making kissing sounds and recognizing she gets mad when you take away something that you don’t want her playing with (paper, plastics) and makes a big mad fuss.

She is sleeping between 8:30-9:30pm to about 6-6:30am and wakes up once or twice between that time. She loves her blanket and will get cozy with it when she is getting sleepy. She is close to walking and is starting to be brave to make a transition from one object standing up to the next. She is also discovering how to step up on to things and exploring her reach and climbing abilities. She has moved to the bigger part of the stroller and is a very happy baby.

She likes being tickled and playing games like peek-a-boo and sometimes patty cake as she will roll her hands. She chases the cat and likes to play games with him. She babbles to herself looking at books and laughing up a storm. When we go to get her up from her nap she bounces with excitement as it is time to get up.

She is strong-willed and wants what she wants. Very determined and a quick learner at this young of an age. It blows my mind every day how she will learn something or do something new. She weights just under 18lbs at 9 months.



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