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Eating and Moving May 16, 2015

The little lady is on the move! She wants so badly to stand up and she is really starting to get the hang of crawling. She has figured out to put one hand in front of the other. Her legs are still be sorted out she has a half knee and have foot push off. She is really entertained by the sound of plastic crinkle noises and figured out how to open and close her toy phone and a box lid. She is using her thumb and pointer finger to grab things. She likes to find things to climb on and try to pull herself up and balance.

She is eating more and seems to enjoy eating foods. She makes a mouth eating motion when she is hungry for foods. Right now I’m feeding her twice a day but I think it will increase soon.

She is sometimes waking herself up in the night because she will roll over and startle herself. She is getting very smart and I can now see a frustrated baby face and sounds when she can’t get the hang of something immediately. This could be like her father or mother! Eeeks


7 Months of Love

IMG_9262 IMG_9264 IMG_9268 IMG_9272 IMG_9283 IMG_9310 IMG_9315 IMG_9336 IMG_9350 IMG_9362 IMG_9377 IMG_9385 IMG_9388 IMG_9393 IMG_9397 IMG_9408 IMG_9416 IMG_9419 IMG_9427 IMG_9433 IMG_9435 IMG_9446 IMG_9452 IMG_9459 IMG_9476 IMG_9505 IMG_9509 IMG_9523 IMG_9551 IMG_9569 IMG_9586 IMG_9587 IMG_9592 IMG_9593 IMG_9601 IMG_9647 IMG_9621 IMG_9625 IMG_9636 IMG_9638 IMG_9662 IMG_9663 IMG_9667 IMG_9676 IMG_9680 IMG_9682Our sweet angel babe is 7 months old. She is such a joy in our life and everyday doing something new and funny. She is crawling and sometimes will be really efficient about it using both knees but other times she will push-off with her foot and use the opposite knee. She is grabbing onto objects and pulling herself up to a standing position and with such determination standing as often as possible.

She laughs when she is tickled and the most random things will make her laugh without being tickled…like the dog or a funny noise. She is playful and happy. She is enjoying exploring the house; cords, boxes, magazines, paper, bags, plastic, the animals…you name it and she wants to check it out.

She is eating solids twice a day and likes most things she tries with the exception of peach, applesauce, and carrots. She gets annoyed if she has to sit in her high char too long and will let you know immediately. She knows how to stand in her play pin and we are practicing crying it out for naps and bed to get her used to getting herself to sleep. When she is tired she is starting to put her head down and is sleeping on her belly much more often than her back.

I’m often asked if people can look at my baby and I’m told that she is beautiful. She smiles and is chatty. She has squeals and growls that are both entertaining. Her eyes are blue and her hair looks light brown/red. She is such a sweet little babe. I can already tell she is going to be determined, independent, curious like Mike and tender-hearted as she often seems to be sympathetic to other babies noises and cries.

She loves jumping and hearing peek-a-boo and will laugh at that. I find her entertaining and busy which reminds me that I can’t always get my to-do list accomplished…let alone a small task on it. I sure love this little sugar bean. xo


8 Months of Love

My little lady is growing and growing! Oh man, strangers, family and friends all warn you that it goes so quickly and it does! I can’t believe just 8 months ago I was pregnant and I keep thinking of how life has changed and how much fun a sweet angel baby is!

McKenna is learning and exploring and a daredevil. She wants to learn about everything. She recently started crawling/climbing over things. She is also using a lot more surfaces to stand up – like the wall or cupboard. Flat surfaces that are more challenging. She is a wizard! And tries to crawl through small spaces and get through areas she really can’t fit. Ninja babe. She is also using the cat or other babies to try to stand up, while they are the object. That one doesn’t always go so well!

She has two bottom teeth and I’m sure her top ones will be coming in at any time. She has recently started sleeping through the night this week and has been taking very long naps which is awesome for me! So productive during that time. She is babbling and squeals at the animals which is so cute. She loves rubbing her feet on the floor and exploring her toys, books, pulling books out of the shelf, standing on her rocking chair and rocking it and she likes to push her walker. Very entertaining.

I was at a friend’s house and she climbed up their stairs, they are shallower than usual stairs but she climbed them like a champ. She chews on everything and likes to tear apart magazines. She likes the sound and chewing on it. She is eating more often with solid foods. She has now tried zucchini, more squashes, peas, oatmeal,  peaches. She is enjoying it and makes funny faces when she is not impressed. She doesn’t like to nap or eat when there are a lot of things going on around.

She is sweet, joyful, curious and funny.


9 Months of Sweet Love


My little love bug is growing and chatting and moving! She loves to pull herself to standing to reach for things. She will reach on her tip toes and pull things down. She is exploring every corner of the house. She loves laughing and smiling.

She has four teeth now and is eating all sorts of food. Her favorites are still sweet potatoes and bananas. She has tried chicken, zucchini, yogurt, peaches, pears, carrots, avocados, green beans, peas (super dislike), egg yolk, kiwi to name a few. She is discovering her tongue and sticking it out as well as making kissing sounds and recognizing she gets mad when you take away something that you don’t want her playing with (paper, plastics) and makes a big mad fuss.

She is sleeping between 8:30-9:30pm to about 6-6:30am and wakes up once or twice between that time. She loves her blanket and will get cozy with it when she is getting sleepy. She is close to walking and is starting to be brave to make a transition from one object standing up to the next. She is also discovering how to step up on to things and exploring her reach and climbing abilities. She has moved to the bigger part of the stroller and is a very happy baby.

She likes being tickled and playing games like peek-a-boo and sometimes patty cake as she will roll her hands. She chases the cat and likes to play games with him. She babbles to herself looking at books and laughing up a storm. When we go to get her up from her nap she bounces with excitement as it is time to get up.

She is strong-willed and wants what she wants. Very determined and a quick learner at this young of an age. It blows my mind every day how she will learn something or do something new. She weights just under 18lbs at 9 months.


9 Months Post-Partum

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I know I have changed. There are things about me that I like better after having a baby and things that I am still sorting out…like why do I feel so easily to jump into a defensive mode when I feel like someone is judging me? Why do I have a hard time of speaking up and voicing my opinion when I want to be heard? Ugh, it’s so frustrating and I have to keep working on it. I also have a lot less patience for stupid conversation, comments or people. I used to LOVE everyone and everything about everyone. That has changed.

My body is still going back to pre-baby status (although I’m comfortable that it will never to back exactly) I do weigh less than before I got pregnant. I feel like I’m on the road to getting my strength back but I’m not there yet. I’d say I’m around 65-70% there. I still get very fatigued and feel sleepy especially mid-day or early evening. I know once nursing is done things will be different as well as McKenna having her own room where I won’t feel as obligated to get up in the middle of the night to feed her. But in the meantime this is my path and I’m accepting it and okay with it. Maybe that’s part of the reason my fuse can be so short because I am actually more tired than I realize?

We are getting close to start building the house and that is exciting but still surreal. There aren’t too many days that I feel like I would like to be doing anything other than being with my little lady but there are times I wish I could easily have a sit-in babysitter so I could coach more often or get a crossfit workout in at the gym verses in my garage. But again, I think knowing that this is a temporary time on my journey to try to be okay with it is the key. I do miss health coaching but not enough to try to juggle it right now. I know that I will want to take it on full swing at some point but not right now.

My relationship with Mike is a constant state of effort. Days are good and then I’ll take something the wrong way and lose it. Then sleep will be sucky and I feel like I’m lucky to have a new day to start over. But for some reason conversation can be so challenging to try to make things clear and right. I feel like I’m apologizing all the time for messing up which is a pretty sucky feeling. I want to do better, be better and be the wife Mike deserves but as soon as I feel like I get something down, something else goes haywire. Keep trying, keep trying is all I can do. Forgive myself and hope that Mike can forgive me too.


10 Months of Fun

McKenna is so close to walking, she has taken a few first steps and then sits down. Recently she has started chewing a bit when I give her food in particular when I give her food off of my plate. She continues to be a happy sweet girl and brings so much joy to our hearts. She is learning her way of throwing a fit when she doesn’t get her way. If I take a toy or my phone away from her she will throw her head back into a tantrum type way, not our favorite. She has started mimicking sounds…if I make a high pitch sound she will repeat and same with growling. She loves chasing moving balls around by pushing them forward herself. She is exploring the idea of climbing and continues to move like crazy. She likes her walker but almost more for pushing it.

She loves peek-a-boo or you popping out from somewhere and making her laugh. She has a wonderful little giggle that ranges in deep to high pitch. She still has her four teeth but I do think we’ve got more teeth coming on their way as she has been in to chewing and gnawing on things a lot lately. Especially hard objects.

I think I’ll need to change her car seat in the near future. It’s been great having the car seat be able to go in and out of the car into the stroller but I think we are getting close to transition time. She is a happy little lady but there have been times when she wants nothing to do with getting into the car seat and arches her back quite forcefully.

She ate a few bites of some rice crackers that Mike and I like as well as bacon (already chewed up a bit for her). She will still fall asleep on Mike but won’t on me. I miss that already it was such a sweet feeling. She did give me what felt like to be a hug the other day which was pretty fun and that was a first. She loves clapping and waving. She went to her first really big concert – Garth Brooks and was a trooper. Why am I always so overly optimistic when it comes to “having a plan.” So foolish, rookie mama! haha She wanted to be apart of the action and make friends all night long.

Easter was fun and she was a charmer as usual. She liked playing with the plastic eggs and hanging out with her cousins.

I can’t believe we are only two months away from being one year old already!! So crazy!


11 Months! I can’t believe it

I love this little bug so freakin much! She is such a joy and light in our lives. She is on the go! Walking, crawling, moving, chattering, eating, laughing, playing games and so much fun. I’ve loved every month and every day with this sweet angel face. We haven’t had a doctor appointment recently to know how tall or how much she weights but I can tell by her reach she is getting taller and taller and my arms can tell she is gaining a few lbs too. :) She is walking a lot and wanting to carry things with her as she walks around. So funny. Walking with shoes is a bit more bobbly but it’s a work in progress. She is damn determined. She is helping pick out doors, fixtures, bathtubs and all sorts of things for the new house!

She’s had some more hair grow in and a couple more teeth are battling at their way to come in but none have pushed through just yet. She is starting to eat with her hands and still enjoys baby foods. She has taken to pancakes, crackers, turkey and eggs with her hands. She is drinking water out of a bottle and still quite a ham when it comes to being fed by kicking her leg up in the air. She is getting in to everything and anything she can. Toilet paper is still her favorite to shred up and she has found the little plastic knob on the toilet to take off. Gross.

She loves animals and kids and squeals towards them as she thrusts her body towards them at the same time. She doesn’t like her jumper quite as much as she had probably because she knows she can move more than she can in the jumper. She likes her walker still if you take it outside and loves to go on the swing! She isn’t so sure about grass rather she prefers solid pavement. Digging in dirt and letting it slip through her hands is pretty interesting to her. She seems really interested in certain music as well as commercials that come on will grab her attention, especially if it is a high-pitch kid like voice.

She has now graduated to a big car seat as well as being able to ride in a grocery cart without seeming like she will fall out or squirm out of it. I’m sure I’m the one that waited longer than I needed to but man, that can be stressful shopping and squirming! She does pretty well at restaurants being able to sit still for about 45 minutes and then it’s go time. Taking her socks and shoes off is an easy thing for her to do in a matter of seconds.

I keep having a dream she says “mama” but I think it’s just a dream. Same recurring dream that I have that she ends up climbing out of her crib! Augh! She is wearing between 9-12 month old clothes now, more on the 12 month pants and between a 9-12 onesie. Most of the 12’s are pretty giant on her still. She wears a size 2 shoe and will wear a headband if I can slip it on her without her noticing for too long. We took her swimming and she seemed to enjoy that until it was too chilly for her tiny little body. I just signed her up for swimming lessons come late June.

We are planning her One-year old birthday party which should be fun and I still can’t even believe last year at this time we were getting ready to move in and wait for her arrival. So exciting and life moves too darn quickly! I’m so thankful everyday that God and McKenna chose me to be a mama.



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